Easy Lobby

February 22, 2022

Dear Parents, Guardians and other School Visitors,

We are proud to announce our school has added another safety measure to protect our students during the school day.  We have added Easy Lobby through funding from the awarded COPS grant.  Easy Lobby will allow our office employees to scan a visitor’s drivers license to verify any person requesting to go beyond the office during school hours is not on the Registered Sex Offender List.  Persons conducting school business only in the office will not need to produce a driver’s license.

All persons requesting to go beyond the school office will need to produce a valid driver’s license for scanning.  Once the scan is complete, a visitor badge will be produced for the visitor to wear while inside the school during regular school hours.  

The process only takes a minute and once you are registered in the system, you will not need to produce your driver’s license for future visits at the same building.  Our system is individual to each office (RCE, MTJH and MTHS), meaning the data is not transferable.  Again, we are proud to be one of the first in the area to offer this next level of safety protection for our students.


Tara Lewis, Ed.D.