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Bus Drivers and Routes 2015-2016

(Subject to Change)




Description of Route


Eric Joiner

Hwy J between Lick Creek bridge and Perry, gravel roads Irvine, Scotts Farm Trl, Delaware.  West of Perry on 154, Robert E Allen, Lick Creek and Monroe county rd 670.                                                                                                                                Town Stops: Alf & Hwy J /Nana &  Martin, Jug Run Ln.


Bob Cotton  

South of Perry on Hwy B & Hwy D including gravel roads Texas, Piddletown, Missouri, Fagan, Mexico, Ohio.

Town Stops:  Palmyra And Martin / Martin & Marrybell / Dr. Office /Junction / Hwy 19 west of center.


Sam Mahood  

S. Hwy 19,  Hwy Y. Hwy P South of Center, Hwy JJ  including gravel roads Wisconsin, Idaho, Fern Chapel, Florida, Cleveland, Madisonville, Mark Twain, Salem, Falcon.  Route will be early New London shuttle bus @ MTHS @ 7:50 am. (Will Shuttle NLE to MTHS)


Tresa Lempka  

North of Hwy 19 West of Hwy 61 Includes Hwy H between Hwy A. and Center Cemetery, Hwy A including gravel roads Olivet, Magnolia, Briarwood, Seminole Briscoe Buford Cave (will shuttle NLE to MTHS)


Dale Rucker  

Hwy J North of Duane Whelan Boat Ramp, Hwy BB Joanna Drive. North of Hwy 19 West of Center. Hwy EE, Hwy CC and gravel roads Monroe, Jackson Trail, Sycamore, McKinley. Route will meet early New London shuttle bus @ MTHS @ 7:50 am. (Will shuttle from MTHS to Center Elementary)




Hwy FF, Hwy F, Hwy 61 South of New London and gravel roads Brush Creek  Plum Creek, Badger, Hayes Creek, Kingbird, Rocky Point. 


Rich Ray  

Hwy 61 north of New London. New London Gravel, Turner Acres and Sawyer Dr./Kingsville Ln. / Doe Run/ Hunter Pl. Town Stops: 305 E. 1st street / Bingham Trl. / 118 S. Maple (PM shuttle from MTHS to NLE)


Lori Meranda  

Hwy V&T East of New London and connecting gravel roads. Town Stops: Hwy V /Rector St. Business 61

  (will shuttle NLE to MTHS)


Angela Davis  

Hwy M, Hwy HH, Hwy H north of Spalding. Including gravel roads. Osage and Cree Dr. Sunny Side, Spring View Trl. (will shuttle NLE to MTHS)





Vo- Tech-   

Will leave from Junction Convenience in Perry @ 7:00am. From MTHS @7:15am. From NLE @ 7:25am. (will shuttle NLE to MTHS)


Early Shuttle- At 7:50 AM  New London Elementary students will board Route #3 Bus (Sam) to be transported to NLE. Center Elementary students will board Route #5 (Dale) Bus to be transported to CE.

New London Elementary load and unload times.

Route Buses will not arrive at NLE before 8:00 am

Route buses may unload Elementary students after 8:00 am

Route buses may unload students to be shuttled to MTHS after 8:05 am

Shuttle buses will leave NLE at 8:08 am

For questions concerning bus route please contact David Talbott 573-267-3918 (Bus Barn leave message) or 573-473-4454 (cell)